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"Tiffany Deering is the best softball instructor in Michigan!  What separates her from others is her ability to relate with the girls and her mental instruction of the game. My daughter has worked with Tiffany for four years and she listens to every word that Tiffany says. After every offseason parents asked what Abby has done to take her game to the next level and it’s Premier. I can’t  recommend Tiffany any higher.  If you want your daughter to get better you will take her to Premier!" -Chris Hornberger

 "Tiffany Worthy-Deering and all of her crew at premier softball are the real deal. They truly care about their students getting better physically, mentally and personally.  They build strong confident young women. Bear learned so much as a younger player that helped her advance at a more accelerated rate.  Premier set the foundation for the player she has become and to help her to continually advance to the next level under their current training. Tiffany is a softball Messiah!  We can't imagine taking this never ending journey without her."

-Jason Schick

"Our daughter Bryn has been coming to Premier since she was in U10 softball.  Back then hitting and throwing was the focus along with some pitching instruction.  She is now U16 and still coming for various training.  Last spring she was asked to pitch for her new team.  YIKES!  She has never really pitched, just some instruction at 10.  Who do you call??  Premier!  As busy as the Premier schedule was, Tiffany found time to fit instruction in for Bryn.  She even made time on a Sunday morning for her!  Not that she became this amazing pitcher in the short time she filled in, but she held her ground and more importantly, she was taught how not to get rattled at hitting batters and the many walks she threw, because... it happens! This instruction helped her in so many ways, playing various positions only makes you a better player even if you don't excel in every position.   There is nothing like the positive and expert training that Premier offers my daughter and we will continue our "tune ups" throughout the winter.  "

- Mary Lee Longe

"I partner with Premier Softball every year to lead my summer softball camps. Tiffany and her staff bring a high level of expertise in all facets of the game and our players improve greatly. But, what I love most about Premier is the passionate encouragement the girls receive from their instructors. Premier understands the balance between taking it to the next level, while keeping it fun.”

 - Mike Tison - Varsity Head Coach for Oakland Christian Softball

"We were referred to Premier by a handful of girls on my daughter’s softball team.  After the first two sessions we saw huge improvements in my daughter’s pitching.  She continues to work out at Premier and her growth as a pitcher is easy to see.  My daughter has also worked on hitting at Premier.  We love the way Heather and Tiffany explain things so it is easy for the kids to understand and they know WHY they are doing it that way.  However, one of my favorite things about Premier is that they teach the kids about the mental aspect of the game as well.  This has been huge in building my daughter’s self-esteem and confidence"

-Erin Main

"I brought both of my daughters to Premier based on the great reputation of the trainers. We were not disappointed!  Both of my daughters trained in batting, while one additionally trained in the catching position.  The training elevated both girls to play at a significantly higher level and earn All-State honors. One went on to play at the collegiate level."

- Fazio

"Our daughter had gotten pitching training from various volunteer coaches over her years playing softball.  When she was preparing for High School softball we decided she needed a professional.  Heather has completely changed our daughter's pitching process, taught her the correct mechanics of pitching, and added three more pitches to her repertoire.  Heather is extremely professional and our daughter has enjoyed working with her for the last year.


Tiffany has done an excellent job teaching our daughter the most effective way to hit a softball. She explains things in a way a child of any age can understand.  Our daughter looks forward to every lesson and has improved immensely over the past year."

- Greer Family

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