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Where are you located?

937 N Opdyke Rd, Auburn Hills MI 48326


How do I get a hold of someone for more information?

The best way is to send us an email at


How do I book a private session?

Click on our link "book a session", follow the prompts. Find an instructor, find a time, put in your CC info and you will receive a confirmation. It's that easy!


How do I book a team visit, special event, semi private session or inquire about other services?

Send us an email and we will send you all the information you need.


When is the next specialty camp?

Everything is published on our website. 


I can't register for the camp, it is full, can I be waitlisted?

Send us an email and we will either waitlist you or see if we can create another session.


It's my first visit, what do I need to do?

Make sure you have eaten and are hydrated! Be on time, grab a waiver when you come in, fill it out and drop it in the office. Wear atheltic clothing. Bring your own equipment. 


I can't book a session because it says there are no rooms available. What do I do?

If the server gives you that response, it literally means, the entire facility is booked and there isn't room for the session, even if the instructor has time. 


I purchased a package online and now I can't use my package to book a lesson. What do I do?

Make sure you ddin't create more than 1 user account, use the same log in everytime you book something. If you need to reset password or change account stuff, send us a note. If you are still struggling, send us an email with details.  We are happy to help.


I purchased a 60 min package and now I can't book a 30 min session. What do I do?

If you plan to mix and match 30 min and 60 min sessions, your best bet is to buy a 30 min package and book 2-30 min sessions. But... you can email us and we will adjust it for you.


If I want to pay cash or check when I arrive, can I?

Yes! That's totally fine!!! We still need a CC on file just in case you BAIL on your lesson. If you want to pay cash or check, you must email us your lesson request and we will book it for you. 


What if I forgot some of the teaching points in the lesson?

That's easy, send us an email and your instructor can send you a quick reminder or come back!!




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