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Makenzie Hayward


Makenzie Hayward is a Premier Alumni! She took hitting lessons from Tiffany Worthy-Deering during her time at Premier Softball. 

"Mak is a stud, reslient, hard-working, competitive, enthusiastic and passionate about the game of softball but even more passionate of helping girls achieve greatness. She does a great job teaching the mechanics of pitching, as she continues to be a student of the game. She is super easy to get a long with and does a great job of holding girls accountable along the way. She is relatable and has so much to offer to these young ladies. If you learn about Mak's softball journey, she can tell you that it wasn't always butterflies and rainbows. She doesn't brag much about herself but I am most impressed by her ability to come back from what would be to most, a career ending injury. During her entire time, out of commission, Mak was still working hard on her skill set and mental approach. She would come to lessons and sit on the ground or on a bucket to be able to refine her skills.

Mak's approach to her training during her injury has helped her become a great instructor. She became a student of the game,  always learning and looking for ways to improve her performance once she was able to get back on the field."- Tiffany Deering

In Mak's free time, she loves art, graphic design, spending time with family 
(especially her nephew), helping with the Youth at Church, going on Missions Trips, exploring the outdoors, camping and fostering dogs. 

Fun Fact: Mak had a pig that she was teaching how to paint. 


Alma College

Mak pitched at Alma College and Macomb Community College before deicing to focus soley on her pursuit of an academic dregree in Business and Psychology at Oakland University.

Imlay City HS

4 year Varsity Softball, led the team to districts by pitching 5 straight shut out games. Played for Batbusters and Firestix during her time in travel ball.

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